Drawn. Illustration. Various personal and commissioned projects.

Final print 42 x 32 inches. A commissioned piece. In the early stages of the process I forced every member of my family to draw their vision of a robot, wanting different perspectives for inspiration. The K, the only sad Alphabot, was directly inspired by my grandmother’s doodle. She was going through treatment for breast cancer at the time. I thought he was cute, and I liked how her state of mind came through in her scribble.


The resulting piece from a series of drawings where I studied the form of a tomato in various materials, mixing realism with a stylized abstraction.


A personal work in progress based on illustrations I do of people- mostly strangers but sometimes inspired by someone close to me- who have a look in their eyes, or a story waiting to be told. I do the drawings and based on that quick but often lasting impression, I am working to further develop and write their stories. From here, I aim to do prints as well as a digital experience.