Logos. Art direction and design. I start with research and out-of-the-box thinking to develop a strong concept for design.
Fire Your Marketers

This logo stemmed from research on metaphors and symbolism surrounding fire. The alchemy symbol for fire, a basic triangle, represents fire as a catalyst for initiating and completing transformation, and lifting out of limitation – reflective of the agency’s capabilities. A friendly looking serif was used in contrast to the heavy sans serif in order to counter the strength of the word “fire” with a humble, friendly, and approachable vibe representative of the guys at Fire.

Cozy Crochet

A logo design done for a small side business selling a number of crochet items. The illustrative approach was used to reflect the warm, friendly and “cozy” aspect of the client and her work. The illustration was inspired by a photo the client had taken of crochet needles hinting at the shape of a heart. Combined with hand-drawn type, the resulting logo reflects the handmade and friendly vibe of the client’s work itself.