Misinformation & Manipulation. Art Direction and Design. A design project and awareness campaign consisting of 4 posters and a companion book. The project stemmed from research on the media’s ability to transform stories, images, and you – a consumer of mass media. I was conceptually inspired by a quote from Sir James Jean: “kaleidoscopic rearrangement – fragments of knowledge being fit together in an unsuspecting manner – sometimes diverting the whole current of human thought.” I used the metaphor of a kaleidoscope to communicate how easy it is for information to be spun, manipulated, and changed drastically. The tiniest shift of a kaleidoscope completely changes the image we see. This idea applies to modern media – a tiny shift in content can alter the whole story we are presented with. The kaleidoscope metaphor is carried through the series of posters. The "Misinformation and Manipulation" book was designed and written to be an informative but easy read, with a bold and interesting design approach.