Web. Various digital projects. I like beautiful online experiences, that are easy to use, concise, seamless and super intuitive- all considerations in any web project I do.

Designed to showcase my work and my personality, I wanted big, bold imagery, room for my ramblings in spaces that made sense, and legibility, logic and impact across all devices. Maybe it’s cheesy to cite my own website, but in other web projects, you can design your heart out, and, depending on developer, budget, client, etc., your vision can get lost. Not in this case. Dev work by the awesome Adel Amodwala.

Penthouse Queen

A website design for Toronto real estate agent Claudine Montano. The visual language stemmed from her existing branding. Using existing branding, the brief called for a design that would communicate a high-end look and feel. In using a clean layout with large, beautiful visuals, as well as an abundance of white space, the website successfully meets her needs.

Citi ThankYou®

While at Critical Mass, I spent time on the ThankYou team. Tasks on this team involved designing emails and web content for the ThankYou Rewards site. This is a sample of a Mother’s Day themed design for the landing page, and home page for the ThankYou Rewards website. Imagery was selected to tell a story between the two pages and was retouched to fit the template of the website.