Weddings. Design and Illustration. Designing wedding invitations is a fun opportunity to communicate a couple's personality, resulting in a unique design process each time. From developing a good understanding of the client, I am able to design invitations that are very personalized and are a strong reflection of the bride and groom's relationship and the type of wedding they have planned.
Lindsay and David

Lindsay and David are a sweet, quiet and intelligent couple. He is a game developer, she is a librarian and she wanted a book-themed illustrated invitation that would reflect them, their personalities and their wedding, which took place in a cozy coffee shop.

Amanda-Dawn and Chris

Amanda-Dawn and Chris had an intimate fall wedding with beautiful rustic, country touches by the bride. I created an invitation bound into a small booklet with cover, invite, and the RSVP as a perforated last page. The invitations were personalized using their fingerprints, and a line from their vows. I designed a number of other print pieces for this wedding. The Bridal shower invitations, shown above left, were designed to be a memento for the bride to keep, with its inclusion of space for guests to write well wishes, advice and kind words. The Jack and Jill tickets designed with fun typography built big anticipation for a great party. Other work included bridal shower favours, programs, and the guest book.

Jennifer and Jordon

Jordon and Jen came to me about invitations with only two requests: they wanted them illustrated, and they wanted cats. I ran with it. They were having a fall wedding at a conservation area, with fun details like midnight poutine, an all- you-can-eat buffet of comfort foods, and board games to play. I wanted the invitations to be representative of Jen and Jord and their playful vibe. Kraft paper and twine were the finishing touches on these fun invitations for a fall wedding.